Let's Begin

Let’s Begin Piano Series

By Debra Wanless
A piano method designed for all learning styles!

Let’s Begin develops keyboard geography, creativity, reading, technique, audio skills, rhythm, improvisation and transposition.

Let’s Begin Levels A & B include a piano book with appealing repertoire, accompaniments and activity pages, as well as Creative Learning papers ideal for pre-teaching or reinforcement.

Let’s Begin provides students, teachers and parents with clear, concise information – truly “user-friendly”.

Ideal for class or private instruction.

Piano Books

Designed for all learning styles. New concepts are introduced progressively through appealing activities and music.

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Creative Learning

Ideal activities for audio, visual, kinaesthetic and tactile learning. Creative ideas for pre-teaching or reinforcement of musical concepts.

Fun With Theory

The Let’s Begin to have Fun with Theory by Debra Wanless is an appealing but thorough approach to early keyboard theory. Children are excited by the ‘ see and do’ layout of each page. This progressive four‐book series develops basic concepts such as clefs, staff, note and rest values, time signatures, directional reading, staff to keyboard association, intervals, triads, scales, dynamics and much more.

The Let’s Begin to have Fun with Theory is a companion to the Let’s Begin Piano series but an ideal ‘ stand‐ alone’ series for any student keyboard theory program. The Matching Games, Word Searches, Crossword Puzzles, Treasure Hunts, Fill in the Blanks and creative approach will have your students loving theory!

The Let’s Begin to have Fun with Theory series is the perfect:

• introduction to keyboard theory

• reinforcement or review choice

• private studio or classroom instruction material

• approach for all learning modalities

The Let’s Begin to have Fun with Theory series is intended for students ages 5 to 11.

Book 1 ‐ grand staff, note naming, time signatures, note and rest values, sharps and flats, and more.

Book 2A ‐ pickup measures, leger lines, natural signs, dynamics, intervals of the second and third and more.

Book 2B ‐ half and whole steps, simple major scales, basic analysis, dynamics and music signs, dotted notes and more.

Book 3 ‐ major and perfect intervals within the octave, root position triads, dynamics and tempo terms, basic scale identification and general music terminology.

Let’s Begin to have Fun with Performance

The Let’s Begin to have Fun with Performance by Debra Wanless is an appealing four‐book series of piano solos. Students will have hours of playing time with these arrangements of old favourites and original titles. Styles range from folk to jazz, as well as classical and even some gospel. The Let’s Begin to have Fun with Performance is a companion to the Let’s Begin

Piano Course but an ideal ‘stand‐alone’ recreational series for all children. The visual cues, lyrics and accompaniment duets make playing fun!

The Let’s Begin to have Fun with Performance series is intended for students ages 5 to 11.

Book 1A ‐ Old MacDonald, Twinkle Twinkle, Eensy Weensy Spider, Papa Haydn, Sh! Boogie, London Bridge and more.

Book 1B ‐ Amazing Grace, Billy Boy, Ode to Joy, Blind Mice Boogie, This Old Man, Down by the Station and more.

Book 2A ‐ Carnival of Venice, Simple Gifts, Skip to my Lou, The Entertainer, Can Can, Red River Valley and more.

Book 2B ‐ Scarborough Fair, Land of the Silver Birch, Kum Ba Ya, Morning has Broken, Pachelbel’s Canon and more.