Collection: The Galaxy Series by Nancy Telfer

We live in an incredible world. We are surrounded by amazing landscapes and interesting people. We know our Canadian skies, our sun, our moon and the stars above us because being Canadian, we frequently gaze skywards to check the weather. Although we are earthbound, sometimes our thoughts and dreams wander through the entire galaxy.” … Nancy Telfer

The Galaxy Series of 4 collections of piano music celebrates the best of what surrounds our lives: our beautiful natural environment, the diverse colour and traditions of our people and the mysteries of our galaxy.

The Galaxy Series provides many opportunities for pianists to work on details that will bring the quality of their performances to a much higher level. Each piece paints a different picture and it is in the details of each piece that the picture is revealed to your audience.

The Galaxy Series includes Telfer’s popular folk song arrangements, as well titles from her space series and I’m Not Scared. All are presented with fresh, easy-to-read type-setting and now organized by grade. In addition to these favourites, Nancy has created many new works for inclusions and has included additional works such as Pursued, Fantasy and Watching the Falling Snow.

The Galaxy Series is a fresh new look at Telfer’s works and is a ‘must have’ as a student library builder.