Collection: Cornucopia

By Karen Rowell

A cornucopia is a ‘horn of plenty’ often seen at Thanksgiving with fruits and vegetables gracefully spilling out of it. This Cornucopia is full of 49 delightful piano solos in a variety of music styles with technical challenges appropriate to the designated levels (intro to level 3).

Canadian composer, Karen Rowell, suggests you improvise on the images suggested by each title before tackling the specific piece. These programmatic miniatures are perfect for ‘own choice’ examination or festival selections but are also ideal recreational and educational repertoire. Titles such as  Who’s That Knocking?, Jazzy Joe, Secret Mission, Frankenstein’s Folly, Dora the Donkey, and Shadowish will entice your students to play more!

So let these little gems spill out into your studio as repertoire, etudes, quick studies and sight reading pieces. Kids love to play these pieces!