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An Introduction To Basic Harmony by Debra Wanless

An Introduction To Basic Harmony by Debra Wanless


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An Introduction to Basic Harmony is an excellent option for all level 9 practical students, first year college/university studies or as a refresher tool. The direct and simple explanations utilize universal terms and language which are easily adapted and expanded for any course of study. An Introduction to Basic Harmony is designed to meet the needs of students of all ages, in private and/or class instruction as well as those students studying independently.

An extremely important aspect of written harmony is the development of strong audio skills. Throughout An Introduction to Basic Harmony students are encouraged to play the examples and exercises at the keyboard and to use their voices (often encouraging the use of solfège).

Each chapter has been developed to introduce more than one concept at similar learning levels. The chapters have been organized in a manner where previously learned material is expanded gradually and methodically as is the case of the resolution of dominant seventh chords. New material such as non-chord notes is added one new non-chord note at a time over several chapters to allow for deeper learning and comprehension leading to stronger writing skills.

This is the written harmony book you have been waiting for – a must have!

Pages: 202

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