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Dinosaur and Friends: Scale Tales

Dinosaur and Friends: Scale Tales


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by Debra Wanless

This collection of penta and one-octave scales is an attractive and appealing approach to teaching and discovering technique. Dinosaur and Friends includes three sections: Dinosaur Scales and More Dinosaur Scales (penta-scales), as well as Octavia’s Awesome Scaling Adventure(one – octave scales).

Both Dinosaur Scales and More Dinosaur Scales develop fine motor skills, basic musical language (staccato, legato, crescendo…), vocalization, aural skills, and creative practice ideas. At the same time, students are developing a strong key sense, penta-scales, triads,alternate hand arpeggios, keyboard geography and much more. Children ages 4 to 10 love to travel on the ‘cool’ adventures with Rex the dinosaur.

Octavia’s Awesome Scaling Adventure moves the student through one – octave scales, as well as developing solfège, understanding of tetrachords and the circle of fifths, passing the thumb under the hand and much more.

Dinosaur and Friends was written to appeal to all learning styles and dispositions.

Pages: 39

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