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Keyboard Harmony Introductory (Book 1)

Keyboard Harmony Introductory (Book 1)


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By Debra Wanless

Introductory Keyboard Harmony (Beginner Book 1) is the first book in a series of three recreational and educational harmonization books. The series introduces students and recreational players to simple harmonization with single line melodies accompanied by block chords. The series has been planned to assist and attract all learning modalities and dispositions. In addition to harmonization, the user develops transposition skills, playing-by-ear, chord progression knowledge and skill, sight reading, the ability to realize a lead line, and theoretical knowledge.

Familiar melodies are used to stimulate interest and utilize audio aspects of harmonization. Original and less familiar melodies are also included to ensure the development of sight reading and sight harmonization. Keys include: C,G,F Major and A Minor. Chords include: I, IV, V, V7.

Pages: 68

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