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Maggie’s Stomp

Maggie’s Stomp


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by Debra Wanless

An elementary piano trio (one piano; six hands)

Maggie’s Stomp is a ‘fun’ piano trio in a rag style. The players include foot stomping in Joplin’s style throughout the work. Each part is written on an individual page for ease of reading. Foot stomps, syncopation, shared melodies, and staggered entry make this a great performance work for boys and girls. Conductor score included. (Grade 2-3)

“Maggie’s Stomp was written for a very dear friend of mine – Margaret Livermore.  (She too is a passionate piano teacher!) Marg had three young girls looking for a trio for music fectival – this came to me very quickly once it was suggested.  The stomp was inspired by Joplin’s work where the performer stomps his heel throughout.  After it was named Maggie’s Stomp, Marg told me that her dad always called her Maggie!

Maggie’s Stomp has been performed at many music festivals and recitals. My favourite performances have had a large piece of plywood placed under the feet – which are donned with tap shoes – very effective and fun!”  Debra

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