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Reflections for Lever Harp

Reflections for Lever Harp


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by Jeroen Speak

Reflections is a collection of pieces written specifically for the lever harp by New Zealand composer Jeroen Speak. The composer writes:

“My approach to writing these works for intermediate level lever harp was to fully embrace the diatonic and/or modal properties of the lever harp, and to write into the strengths of the instrument. I also wanted to create works which, whilst embedded in stylistically familiar territory, also open up less familiar technical and musical elements for new players. For example the ‘celtic’ themed works Coire Fhionn Lochan and The Road to Kilchurn Castle are derived from very familiar elements but which challenge the players ability to deal with irregular times and juxtaposed rhythmic material, and Reverie, which tests the harpists ability to maintain evenness while controlling gradual changes of tempo and dynamic within a very familiar technical landscape.

One of the other important things was to write works specifically for the lever harp (as opposed to pedal harp), especially given that so much lever harp repertoire consists of arrangements or re-arranged pedal harp music. The lever system offers many advantages over the pedal system including the opportunity to employ chromatic possibilities that would otherwise be impossible. So some of these works indulge and celebrate these idiosyncrasies.”

Pages: 36

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