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Reflections for Pedal Harp

Reflections for Pedal Harp


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by Jeroen Speak


Available from January 2019, Reflections is a companion book for the collection of pieces written specifically for the lever harp in 2018 by New Zealand composer Jeroen Speak. The composer writes:

This volume constitutes new works written for pedal harp alongside some pieces, reworked from my earlier volume of the same name for lever harp, which lent themselves equally well to the pedal environment. As with the the former works, these aim to exploit the idiosyncrasies of the instrument while opening up new technical challenges to the player within a stylistically familiar environment. Nocturne 2, for example, explores rolled chords and balance of melody over an active accompaniment whilst Sunny Sunday plays with irregular time signatures and shifting accents and Taras Dream Waltz challenges your pedaling and explores more exotic sonorities.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed writing them!

Jeroen Speak, London, England

Pages: 30

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