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Rote or Note: Halloween Happenings 1 (PDF Download)

Rote or Note: Halloween Happenings 1 (PDF Download)


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by Karen Rowell

Elementary Piano

Rote or Note is an exciting series of piano solos by Karen Rowell, specifically composed and compiled to embrace different learning styles and provide easy-to-memorize repertoire for performances.  Rote or Note provides pieces in a variety of styles and levels of difficulty which may also be taught by sight.  Each work includes a grade listing below the title which provides a suggested level of performance.  Rote or Notepieces are downloadable in convenient teaching groups.  Five pieces that span at least three levels are linked based on a common theme to allow for repertoire for multiple children in multiple grades.

Halloween Happenings 1 includes fun titles such as: Trick-or-treat, Down the Street) (Prep A Level); Come on Ogre (Prep B/Level 1); Goblin March(Level 1/2); Waltzing with Witches (Level 2); Halloween Hauntings (Level 3).

Rote or Note also includes teaching suggestions and composer’s notes.  A ‘must-have’ collection for every studio.

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