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Super Sonic Solos Level 1 (PDF Download)

Super Sonic Solos Level 1 (PDF Download)


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Edited by Debra Wanless

Super Sonic Solos 1 is a downloadable anthology of 35 exciting level 1 piano solos written by 15 Canadian composers. These works have been drawn from individual composer collections so that students and teachers can enjoy a range of works from these creative Canadian writers. The works have been selected to include a variety of keys, metres, tempi and styles from jazz to pop and traditional to contemporary. Each work has been presented in the original format to provide a sense of what the original collection has to offer. Performers will find entrance level pieces as well as works which will build skill and prepare students for the next level. A list of the easiest works  as ‘a starting place’ has been included  as well as pedagogy notes for both student and teacher. Composers include: R. Bouchard; I. Dykstra; W. Froese; I. Green; B. Hamilton; A. Harbridge; L. Kells; J. Randall; K.M. Rowell;  L. Sawatsky; E. Schneider; N. Telfer; D. Wanless; J. Warkentin.

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