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Traditional tune arrangements and original compositions for the lever harp Book 2

Traditional tune arrangements and original compositions for the lever harp Book 2


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by Maeve Gilchrist

Lever Harp

Here it is folks, my second volume of original tunes and traditional tune arrangements for the Celtic Harp. It’s a hodge-podge mix of tunes that have come my way or come from me that I thought would be interesting vehicles for arrangement ideas, technical exploration or simply fun to play! Throughout the book I’ve woven in technical exercises, stylistic suggestions and lots of ideas for musical interpretation. These facets are as important, if not more, then simply learning the dots on the page! Similar to the last edition, these pieces run from lower-intermediate to more advanced as we move through the book. If you’re a more elementary player, don’t be put off! If you’d like to learn a piece, simply deconstruct it until it’s manageable for you and then build up the arrangement slowly and steadily. For the more advanced students, use the simpler pieces as a way to work on your own melodic variations, ornamentation, speed-playing, reharmonization etc. There are so many valuable lessons to learn when you become your own teacher.

My incentive to approach the arranging process in this pedagogical way is due in part to my wonderful students and the rich online harping community that has been formed through my web-workshop series Harp Talk. Each lesson gives me much food for thought and helps me deconstruct my own playing in a more intentional way. Knowledge is power and I’d encourage you to utilize these arrangements to further your theoretical, rhythmic, interpretive and technical skills. This set of tunes should simply be the starting place for your own journey into this material. The ability to make spontaneous musical decisions and let the music guide is a joyous, liberating way to make music, but it can only happen when we develop all sides of our musical self.

So: thumbs up, fingers down and be sure to remember to breathe! Enjoy the music!


Maeve x

Pages: 49

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