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Connections for Piano 3 Teacher Accompaniments

Connections for Piano 3 Teacher Accompaniments


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by Christopher Norton

Christopher Norton Connections for Piano is a collection of pieces in popular styles that is ideal for students and teachers looking for a sound pedagogical supplement or alternative to the study of classical piano literature. The entire Connections series presents a kaleidoscope of contrasting styles, keys, and tempos. The repertoire in each volume is arranged into four categories: swing, lyrical, latin, and character.

A note from the composer:

“When students play Connections pieces, I often play along on a second piano, “jamming” accompaniments that feel right. Students love this and this book is designed for that very purpose – to provide a play-along part for a teacher or second student. But I decided to take the process one stage further – these Teacher Accompaniments also work with the backing tracks. You have the potential for a 3-part ensemble!”

Pages: 36

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