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Heartwork — 14 Advanced Piano Solos

Heartwork — 14 Advanced Piano Solos


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by Jesse Brown

Heartwork – 14 Advanced Piano Solos in an ‘easy-listening, pop, jazz’ style set of works. This appealing collection of advanced solos has been selected for inclusion on the Conservatory Canada Contemporary Idioms listing for Grades 7 through 10. The pieces include ballads and programmatic music as well as, pop and jazz styles for hours of enjoyment.  These beautiful solos make ideal recreational repertoire as well as performance, festival and examination material. Titles include:Walk With Me, Prairie Wind, Away, Moonrise, Un jour de pluie, Banished, Morning Bird, Firelight, Harvest, Special Moon, Woolly Moose, Ephrem’s Song, The End, and Sunday Morning. A ‘must-have’ collection.

Pages: 55

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