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Felix Firefly by Debra Wanless

Felix Firefly by Debra Wanless


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Felix Firefly Presents His-Story of Music by Debra Wanless is a wonderful collection of 10 piano solos representing various historical periods from the Middle Ages to 20th/ 21st Century Idioms. The composer and Felix include short program notes, ‘Bright Ideas’ for performance and interesting commentaries about each historical period. Titles are based on the style of a specific composer’s work – titles include: Trouvére Song (Middle Ages/modal); Lizzie’s Pavane (Renaissance/dance); The Children’s Minuet (Baroque/dance); Felix’s Musical Clock (Classical/ Haydn-style);  Song Without Words (Romantic/Mendelssohn-style); Mermaids (Impressionism/shimmering style); Logan’s Rag (Ragtime/ stride bass); Gotta Have Swing (Swing Era/ dance); Catching Fire (Rock Era/ driving rhythm); Alley Oop! (20th /21st Century Idiom/aleatoric). Ideal recreational and educational collection – perfect recital, exam and festival repertoire.

Pages: 24

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