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Harp Academy Book 1

Harp Academy Book 1


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Catrin Finch

Internationally renowned harpist and composer Catrin Finch is one of the most accomplished harpists of her generation, and has been delighting audiences with her performances across the UK and worldwide since the age of five. But despite having run her own summer harp academy in the village of Gwaelod Y Garth near Cardiff for many years, attracting students from America, Australia and other parts of the world, Catrin never saw herself as a real teacher until now. “I guess I want to start handing on,” she says. “I see now that it’s my duty to pass on what I’ve learned and ensure there’s another Catrin Finch coming up.”

The Catrin Finch Harp Academy Book 1 will help you on the right path with your harp playing. “A good technique is the foundation of all great harp playing. I was lucky enough to have great harp teachers that ensured the fundamentals of my technique and playing were there right from the beginning. I’ve always believed that the foundations of technique are the same for us all, and once mastered, we can adapt and find our own unique ways of playing. Whether you are a beginner or a more advanced player, the contents of this book will be relevant to you.”

In addition to the exercises, Catrin has composed four new studies to help you bring together specific aspects of technique in a musically satisfying experience. So make those harp strings sing and start working with Catrin today!

Pages: 70

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