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Invitations to Improvisation Level 1

Invitations to Improvisation Level 1


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by Angelina & Kevin Gibson

Invitations to Improvisation: An Essential Guide for Students and Teachers Level 1 is a fun and interactive resource for anyone who wants to learn how to improvise! Pianists will be introduced to improvising in major and minor keys, on pentatonic and blues scales, and on intervals. This level contains five units of instructional material for teaching and learning, including many musical examples and prompts for reflection. It also contains two fun-filled units of improvisatory games for review! Each unit features call-and-response exercises and several duets for students and teachers to improvise together. The SuperScore version allows learners to improvise alongside MIDI performances by Angelina and Kevin Gibson. This book is excellent supplementary material for Conservatory Canada’s Contemporary Idioms. No improvisation experience is required to use this guide!

Pages: 87

Games come free with book

Also Available on the SuperScore App for iPad!

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