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Logan’s Rag

Logan’s Rag


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by Debra Wanless

An elementary Piano Duet (one piano; four hands)

Another delightful piano duet for elementary students by Debra Wanless, Logan’s Rag is an appealing rag with shared melodies. The syncopations, stride bass, octave displacements and rag-style combine to create an attractive recital, educational and ‘audience pleaser’ elementary duet. Grade One.

“My grandson, Logan born in 2000.  I was away adjudicating a music festival when he was born and happened to be working on this piano solo at the time.  In the middle of one of my classes, one of the festival convenors tip-toed into the hall and slipped me a piece of paper that said, ‘It’s a boy!’  I was obviously delighted and so it made sense that this work should be called Logan’s Rag.  A number of years later, I was playing a duet with Logan at our local music festival and it seemed appropriate that I should arrange Logan’s Rag for us as a duet team – what fun!” …Debra

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