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T-Rex Tango

T-Rex Tango


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by Debra Wanless

An elementary piano trio (one piano; six hands)

T-Rex tango is another ‘fun’ piano trio in  Latin style. The players include tappping of the habanera rhythm and sharing of melodies.  Each part is written on an individual page for ease of reading. Hand tapping, syncopation, shared melodies, grace notes and staggered entry make this a great performance work for boys and girls. Conductor score included. (Grade 1-2) 

Each performer’s score is printed on an individual sheet.

The purchase of one copy creates a complete performance opportunity.

• Staggered entry for better ensemble playing
• Shared melodies
• Hand slapping
• Habanera rhythm
• Conductor’s score (see sample)
• Individual inserts for each player – one copy required for performance
• Grace notes, varied articulation, octave displacement and syncopation
• Another exciting piano trio (1pn/6hands) by Debra Wanless

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