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The O’Farrell Collection Volume 4

The O’Farrell Collection Volume 4


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Anne-Marie O'Farrell

The lever harp might not be considered a truly chromatic instrument and consequently, its repertoire often features musical idioms requiring few or no lever changes. A plentiful resource of material for transcription is solo instrumental music of the baroque era: it is rich in harmonic and textural colour and, with modulations frequently occurring in just one octave, it is especially suitable for transcription to lever harp. This collection of keyboard and cello pieces by Johann Sebastian Bach has been compiled to help address the need for lever harp repertoire suitable for recitals. We also know from Bach’s transcription of his own music, that he was open to the idea of music finding a new home on another instrument. All the music included in this collection is recorded on the album, Just So Bach, available from

Pages: 36

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