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Three Stars

Three Stars


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by Debra Wanless

An intermediate piano trio (one piano; six hands)

Three Stars is an entertainment work, complete with actions and suggested costumes. Three Stars is written in score form. These stars perform all of those ever popular tunes from Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star  to  Moonlight Sonata and If You’re Happy and You Know it – and more. Audiences and performers alike love this trio!

“Three Stars was written for three of my colleagues. They had created this fabulous Debra Wanless concert for their students in London, Ontario – everyone was playing my work and the teachers developed props and costumes to create a truly wonderful – child-friendly evening. These same teachers asked me to arranged or write a piano trio for them to perform at the end of the concert.  I knew that this would be fun – but the challenge was to develop something that would appeal to the children at the end of a lengthy evening – which by the way even included live ducks! I decided that it should be an entertainment piece – also complete with costumes, props and acting. Knowing that my colleagues had a great sense of humour and had taught all of these favourite tunes for years – Three Stars was born!” Debra

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